why children should read classic books

Why is it even important for everyone to read classic books? Really, it's because these books aren't just for specialists; they are for all people. There's no other way they could have become classics. They have withstood the test of time; instead of fading into obscurity, they remain important reading material for everyone.

Classic books have become cornerstones for cultures. Classic books have been found to increase awareness in the conscious minds of all types of people who read them. They dislodge people from close-mindedness and open them up to world views that are better for humanity. Classic books help safeguard the truths of the human heart by developing people's imaginations and minds. People who read the classics have a better grasp of the intricacies of reality, and better judgment. They see the world through different eyes with a new level of comprehension.

This era of secularism and an ever-changing world has left many people misguided. Limited reason prevents us from recognizing those things that are truthful and good. Our hearts become hardened, imagination withers, belief of the heart fades. Classic books can help us achieve the state of mind we need: It lets our hearts believe and our minds imagine. These books encourage us to think critically and become more compassionate.

They help us find our place is a chaotic world and understand ourselves better. Classic books also turn their readers to Christ, and Christ-like attributes. My study of Shakespeare and other rich classic tales have allowed me to see the Lord's magnificence. Nor will I ever forget how those wonderful parables helped me learn about Christ's sacrifice for me.

They are helpful companions with the scriptures, helping all people come to the Lord. In a time when our recent culture is escalating to push its worldly endeavors, one of the most important resources that Christian people can turn to are the classic works. Classic books have been read and studied by critics and everyday people for almost two thousand years of Western civilization.

They have held true, and they still make a difference even after being read over and over again.

Unleash the true power of Classic Books and join the Raise a Leader Revolution. You can finally afford to take control of your child's future and launch your child into greatness. Join us in saving our nation one true leader at a time.

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