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Popular Pai Gow Poker is most demanded game in online casinos establishments or land based casinos establishments. As the Pai Gow Poker name suggested the game of poker but, it not really considered being a game of poker. It uses the hand rankings that are usually used in poker, but that is the only similarity. Player should select proper betting table.

It is played with normal 52 cards deck, and in some places dice are used to determine the positioning of the hands from the dealer. The game starts with a bet, which is the only wager that there is for each round. The player is dealt with seven cards. From these seven cards, the player makes two in hands. The player makes a five card high hand and a two card high hand to hit the opponent or dealer's hand.

Player should bet on huge amount of money if it good hand cards otherwise lose the chance to win betting money. The five cards high must be higher in ranking and other matching color cards than the two card hand's high. The object to be higher than the dealer is both hands. Then the player wins.

If the player is higher in only one hand, then the game is a push. The game is played with a single deck of cards and includes the joker so there are fifty three cards in play. The joker can be used as first rate or it can be used to complete a flush or a straight. There is no draw in the Pai Gow poker game. This popular game traces its roots back to the Orient.

They used to play the game with domino like tiles. Interested players can find the game at any online casino portal and free version of the game at Bodogs. In poker game have many version to play different games with cards. Play seven card poker with high payouts.

There are more than thirty casino poker micro games like video poker, all American poker, seven cards poker, five cards poker, stud poker, Hit a Ride poker, Russian poker and many more. The best poker game in casino gambling to bet on huge amount of real money.

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