Classic Movies Vs Digital Movies

Modern movie viewers want to see rapid-fire action, a simple plot and a lot of special effects. In the last few years the most successful movies were the big budget movies, with a lot of explosions and beautiful actresses. Of course, we can't criticize a person for what movies he or she likes and dislikes but the movies of real quality offer more than spectacular explosions and beautiful women. For example, in the early days of the movie industry, there weren't no special effects due to the fact that technology was just beginning to develop. Back in the old days, movies had a complex and intelligent plot; in those days you judged a movie by how well the actors performed, how good the plot was; nowadays, people judge movies by the quantity of TNT used, the computer generated special effects used, the number of girls that are in the movie and let's not forget that a good movie must have a plot as simple as it can be.

I'm not saying that all modern movies are bad, but let's be frank, most of them have these ingredients, and you can't blame the producers because if the audience wants to see one of the mentioned, you have to give them that so that they can make a pretty buck. Getting back to old movies, in those days, there weren't any computers, no special effects; it came down to the actors, which in my opinion are the most important part in a movie. Let's not forget that black and white movies have a special look which can't be found in today's computerized movies. It took hard work to make a movie back in the days, it took even years to make some of the movies in comparison to present, when movies are made on a regular basics. To fully comprehend this aspect I have two questions: What car would you buy? A car manually built or a car which was made in a few hours by robots? Which is of more quality? The answer is obvious, at least in my opinion: the manually built one because it is far better, of greater quality.

It is the exact situation with movies; if you see a computerized movie that means you have seen them all, they are all the same in comparison with classic movies which are different because every producer, director came with something new, something that hasn't been seen before, that is way movies were interesting because not only producers but also actors struggled to give their best to attract movie fans. Some examples of great movies that all movie enthusiasts mustn't miss are : 1. "Casablanca"; 2. "Gone With The Wind"; 3.

"Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"; 4. "Sunset Boulevard"; 5.

"It Happened One Night" and others as well. These 5 movies are classics: great actors, great performances, great producers, everything is great about these movies. Some of you probably don't like old movies; I have some piece of advice: try watching the colorized versions of some classic movies, you might change your mind about these movies; these movies have a lot to offer, give them a try, I can assure you that you won't regret watching Gone With The Wind, for example. All things considered, most of the old movies are of very high quality with the accent put on the actors not on the special effects which in those days were inexistent. Don't get me wrong, some of today's movies are great but most of them can't be compared to the old movies like Alfred Hitchcock's " The Birds" or Ernst Lubitsch's "Trouble In Paradise".

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