BBWs On Stage Can The Glamazons Take America

We were watching the train wreck that is "America's Got Talent" to see just how bad some people are that they let on that show and got a big surprise. Towards the end of the June 26th show after Jerry Springer narrated a comment of "Has New York saved the best and most beautiful for last?" they started interviewing four absolutely lovely BBWs, introduced as Ginger Snap, Caramella, Candy Apple, and Lady Finger. These ladies were known as "The Glamazons" from Astoria, NY and my Adam's Apple got stuck seeing these ladies on camera, they were Large and In Charge and very confident in themselves. I wasn't sure if the show was trying to make fun of the girls or show their effect on people because these ladies were definitely getting appreciative looks from some of the other participants in the waiting area. When they took the stage there seemed to be a bit of a mixed reaction from the audience and the first comment from David Hasselhoff was, "Now here's.the real pussycats.

" to which Ginger Snap responded "the Plus-Sized version." garnering a big smile and peace sign from the Hoff. Is it possible the Hoff is a closet BBW admirer? It did appear that some editing may have occurred because David made a comment about loving a show that just did not have any context, but it did appear that he was enjoying the view at that point. The girls then performed "Lady Marmalade" from "Moulin Rouge" and it was obvious that if there were any detractors in the audience they had won them over. We could have done with a little less of Jerry Springer's mug and comments but the show the girls were putting on was terrific. Their vocalization was near perfect with no perceivable mistakes in the song and their dance and show fit their song.

If they had background sets and the time for a full show I believe they would have blown us away. David was dancing in his seat watching the ladies and Piers seemed to be enraptured, he reminded me of the wolf in the cartoons that sees a female wolf and his eyes bug out and tongue drops to the ground, he had that type of enraptured look. When the girls finished their performance they were getting a standing ovation and cheers from the audience and David announced "You are the Plus-Sized Pussycat Dolls." David then followed up with even more comments that if he was not coached to say, shows that he may not fully follow medias belief of what beautiful is as he continued with "You are about representing what you feel inside no matter what you look at, we had so many girls come on this show that come in here, they look skinny and hot, they think they got their you-know-what together and they SUCK, and you look fantastic" The camera then changed over to Piers and he continued the praise with "Ladies, fortunately for you, I am one of those Englishmen who is really into the Curvier look.

So, I was immediately drawn to your charms, and I thought if they sing how they look we were in for a bit of a treat, and that was a treat.", so he was won over. They change over to Sharon Osborn, bride of Rock legend Ozzy Osborn, for her comments. "Well, first of all, four very beautiful woman and you know what, more power to you because you are a great example to woman today." The praise-fest ends with the ladies garnering three yeses from the judges, what more could we, as BBW admirers ask for? The Glamazons are now moving on to the Semi-Finals in Las Vegas. My hope is that when the girls perform in Vegas they will be over-the-top and blow their competition away, and as a BBW Admirer my BBW Bride and I will watch on the night that they perform and vote for them as many times as possible.

It would be great if a BBW group could win this competition and show the world that you do not have to be anorexic to be gorgeous and beautiful. Join us in voting The Glamazons on. About The Glamazons (From their website): Born on a small island in a little place called the East Village the Glamazons never lost their baby fat.

These song and dance girls prove that the stage is big enough for the most buxom of beauties. Giving you a large, hot helping of bawdy burlesque, striptease, go go dancing and sassy songs.they serve it up with a sexy style all their own. The girls have been described as the plus-size Pussy Cat Dolls. In 2002, Meryl Lady Finger started The Glamazons, joining together bodacious broads from all walks of life to grace the stage with their beauty and talent.

Members have changed since the start of the group. Girls have left to pursue their solo careers. But Meryl fought to keep her vision alive.

Candy Apple was discovered at an open call in January 2004 and the duo remained steady until they met Caramela, a plus size model, in May 2005 at a photo shoot for a book called "Big Girl Knits" (released April 2006, a book of knitting patterns for plus size gals). Then the girls cast Ginger Snap at a 12 week contest entitled America's Next Top Glamazon. The foursome clicked immediately and have an unbelievable dynamic! They've crashed parties, dressing rooms and even stages.

The Glamazons are 4 fierce ladies who are singing and dancing their way through New York City. They've performed at numerous places, including The Roxy, Avalon and The Rainbow Room. These girls have also been seen strutting their stuff on the WB Morning show on more than one occasion.

They are strong, sexy, plus size women who can sing anything from showtunes to hip hop. More about the girls, their appearances, pictures and a video can be found on their website at

Tom Truxton lives in Portland, Oregon, is the father of 4, poker player, BBW Lover and Admirer and with his wife operates a home-based travel agency and website. Planning a vacation or cruise and don't have an agent? Use Tom and his wife as your personal escape planners, visit them at You are invited to sign up for our newsletters that include travel tips & tricks, news, specials and humor by visiting our signup page. Tom can be reached via emailing or calling 503.922.2655.

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